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Consistently finding the skills and personalities that fit your culture does not happen by accident. Tundra’s detailed 6-Step Screening Process can be customized to meet explicit needs.

Get Great People. Not Just More People

With this tailored process in place and potential candidates identified, we check, then recheck. And just to make sure, we check again. It’s intense but properly screening candidates it has consistently proven to help reduce hiring costs. There is nothing more expensive than a wrong hire: think of the time and effort it takes if someone does not work out and the employer has to start all over again, with a new candidate! This is why the Tundra process finds the ‘perfect hire.’

Here is what we do:

  1. Telephone Screening - Candidates are assessed for skills, experience and organizational 'fit'
  2. Personal Interview - Recruiters verify technical abilities and presentation skills
  3. Education & Certification Verification - Certifications are checked for authenticity
  4. Technical Testing - Standard or proprietary experience-based exams confirm skills
  5. Reference & Background Verification – At least two recent references are checked and recorded
  6. Submittal Consent and Confirmation - Potential barriers are addressed and submittal consent is acquired