Chase or search for; seek; endeavor to obtain or find; scour in pursuit of gain.

The best candidates are not readily available on common job boards. With our extensive staffing background, we know the most sought-after candidates find positions through extensive contact networks, leveraging strong reputations.

Beyond Job Boards

As job boards aren’t the home of the best candidates, Tundra launched the innovative and proprietary Tundra Referral Incentive Program or T.R.I.P., an industry first program, offering cash and travel rewards for successful referrals! T.R.I.P. has helped Tundra locate hard-to-find individuals with niche and high demand skills. It’s our unique strategy to drastically increase the odds of the best personnel walking through your door.

Expert Hunting

The hunt starts with Tundra's innovative processes and extensive global network. Our expert recruiters keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and skills through our proprietary Tundra University program. They subscribe to user groups, academic associations, while engaging in both social and professional networking groups, ensuring our recruiters stay firmly up to date in the ever-evolving world of technology and engineering.