To grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

There isn’t a business out there that doesn’t claim to provide market-leading products, all while delivering superior service. But how many of those very same companies can back it up? Tundra doesn’t simply talk the talk, we walk it every step of the way…

Go Beyond With Tundra

There isn't a business out there that doesn't claim to provide market-leading products, all while delivering superior service. But how many of those very same companies can back it up? Tundra Technical Solutions doesn't simply talk the talk. We walk it every step of the way. The fact that we have been recognized as one of the fastest growing IT and Engineering staffing firms in North America is certainly a testament to this fact.

So what sets us apart from other technical staffing firms? Innovation. Yes, we realize this is yet another cliche that many companies like to tout; however, we truly embrace it. After all, we serve an industry that thrives on technology, and is committed to advancing it at every turn. Since we began in 2004, we came to the quick conclusion that if we were going to find the right people for our esteemed clients, we'd better be every bit as progressive-in our thinking and execution-as they are.

Innovation Never Sleeps

So how does an IT and Engineering staffing firm tap into innovation? The answer didn't come easily. We started with devising a host of proprietary systems and programs to offer our clients, that can't be found anywhere else-the Tundra Channel Exclusivity Program, the T.R.I.P. referral program and Tundra Loyalty program-just to name a few. These programs have played an integral role in our clients' success, and have set the bar for the IT and Engineering staffing industry along the way.

At Tundra, innovative thinking doesn't stop there. Our recruiters, salespeople, and internal associates all approach their duties with a fresh perspective, our associates are always looking to build innovative programs to improve internal processes - The Tundra University program and The Tundra Scrum - just to name a few.

But how do we know where and when to innovate? Rather than trying to sell to new clients and companies and simply filling large databases with candidates and clients, we focus on developing strong relationships with both our candidates and clients. As a result, we gain an intimate knowledge of your business, which in turn allows us to devise innovative and unique solutions. Our team aspires not to replace your recruiting capabilities but to become an extension of your team. We get there by asking a lot of questions and listening to what you want to accomplish. It doesn't matter if you're filling a single job or building an entire team, we consider your needs today and the needs of your business tomorrow.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and industry trends is certainly a cornerstone to our success, though no more so than our people. Tundra's recruiters, salespeople and internal associates come from a diverse background, though they all share a common goal of providing you with unparalleled service. We're in the relationship business, so we focus on developing and building strong, reliable partnerships with clients and applicants. That includes taking the time to get to know your business. Once we have an intimate knowledge of how you like to work, we move on to our market-exclusive process to staff your business with the best qualified applicants.